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Speaker: Ben Perry
Series: 40 Days Of Passion - The Journey To The Cross
Scripture: Matthew 26:47-49

Today, we talk about Jesus being betrayed by His disciple, Judas, and how we, as Christians, cannot serve two masters. Ben Perry leads us in the reading of Matthew 26:47-49 for day thirteen of our 40 Day Journey to the Cross.

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Speaker: Larry Perry
Series: Healthy Change
Scripture: Luke 6:38, Psalms 24:1, Ephesians 4:28

Financial stewardship is a responsibility of each believer. As we learn God's principles of generosity, we may discover we need a change in the way we handle or look at "our" money. What does the Bible teach about giving in the Kingdom of God? How do we learn to give and tie our resources into God's kingdom?

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