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Love In Action
"In this collection of messages we take a look at the ways Freedom Church has been able to help share the Love of God in Tallahassee and the World."
Speaker: Beth Grant
Series: Missions Night with Beth Grant

Special guest speaker Beth Grant brings a powerful message about being ready and not fearful for the sake of reaching the world with the Gospel.

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Speaker: Kyle A.
Series: Faith For The Harvest
Scripture: Isaiah 54:2

Our missions 2020 weekend will inspire you to deepen your faith for the harvest the God has us working for this year. Our special missions guests will be here to challenge us to deepen our commitment to believe and work to see the world know the Gospel of Jesus. The speaker's identity is protected for his security in the sensitive region in which he works.

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Speaker: Doug Clay
Series: For His Glory
Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

For His Glory Part 2 - Missions Sunday w/ Supt. of the AG Doug Clay
Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. Every person bears the image of God and has the capacity to have the opportunity to hear and receive the good news of salvation. Examining the model for missions Jesus gives us in his interaction with Zacchaeus.

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Speaker: Pastor Larry Perry
Series: For His Glory
Scripture: Jude 1:17-25, Luke 5:19

For His Glory Part 1 - Faith Risk; Sometimes faith requires risk. Let us be willing to take a risk in order to bring God glory.

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For His Glory
This missions focused series issues the challenge of stepping out in faith for God's kingdom. He deserves the glory and honor forever and ever.