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The Gospel of Mark - Chapter 1
This series results from God's leading of the Pastors and staff at Freedom to do an in-depth walkthrough of the Gospel of Mark. This verse by verse series will traverse the life and ministry of Jesus and the themes and purposes of the gospel writings. Our prayer is that we all may know Christ more week by week and experience a renewal of His power and purpose through the greatest good news ever told.
Love Boldly
Love is the primary gauge of one's spiritual life and health. God is love and the more we are becoming like God - the more we will love. A fruitful life centers around loving others. Re-center your life around loving others through the overflow of God's love in your life!
Faith Infections
There are things that will infect your faith, weakening it and leaving you spiritually sick! Keep your faith strong and your soul healthy by watching out for these faith infections. Bring your heart before God for his cleansing and renewal.
Building A Strong Family
God wants your family to be strong. How can we stay connected and grow a family that is strong and full of life-giving love these days? Listen to Mica and Beverly Bell share their heart for strong families and powerful teaching on growing your family and leaving a legacy.