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Don't You Know
The Church, like Nehemiah, needs to get busy rebuilding and fortifying its walls. We do not need to operate with a spirit of fear but operate in the truth and Spirit of Jesus. We need to submit to Him and allow him to be the gatekeeper.
Talking To A God In Hiding
Why is it that God feels distant at times? Or are we truly the ones hiding from Him?
The Romans Road
Join the journey down the Romans Road! This 4 week series covers the basic gospel message and is designed to help someone, not only grow in their understanding of the gospel but, also, feel more confident in leading someone else to Christ. The Apostle Paul powerfully lays out the plan of Salvation in The Book of Romans. This plan has become known as The Romans Road.
Leave A Legacy Of Godliness
This Father's Day we celebrate what God has created men and dads to be. Dads, you matter. You matter to your family. You matter to God. You matter to your wife. You matter to your kids. Your actions matter. Your relationship with God matters. Your habits matter. Your words matter. Be encouraged to leave a legacy of godliness for your family.