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Caring At Christmas
Christmas is a wonderful time of year. With the lights, the music, and the Hallmark movies all with the same plotline. But, Christmas can be a hard time for many. Many will be lonely, face regret and sadness, or not get to enjoy the gifts, family, and food that many of us take for granted. That's why we should remember to pay attention to the people around us and see who we can care for this Chrsitmas.
Be Grateful
This Thanksgiving we take a look at how we can live more grateful lives.
More Than A Number
We are called to be the body of Christ all of us working together to advance the Kingdom of God - to be mobilized on a common mission - to see people saved and discipled. You are more than a number. You are more than someone who fills a slot or a seat. You are are a part of Jesus's beloved church.
Flesh Or Spirit
God calls us to be holy. The Holy Spirit enables us to live by the Spirit and not according to the flesh.