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Fresh Start
Ever had to restart your computer, your phone or piece of equipment? Flip the breaker? Unplug and plug it back in? Every new year is an opportunity to take a look back at the year before and evaluate some things in our life. The best fresh start is a Fresh Start with God. A Fresh Start with His Presence. A Fresh Start in His Word.
Tell Everyone About Jesus
The Christmas Season is upon us. The decorations are up and the lights are shining bright. There are also so many lessons to be learned around the Christmas Story. This series looks at the lessons we can learn from the different parts of the Christmas Story.
As Thanksgiving approaches, we look at being Grateful. Having a grateful heart is a great help and source of peace for the believer. Being thankful in all things will help us be a light in the darkness.
Paul's final instructions to the Thessalonian church.