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We encourage everyone to be a part of a Life Group at Freedom Church. They provide opportunities to build relationships and for growth. Life Group members support and pray for one another and bring the power of the church to a personal level.


Life Groups are small groups of people that meet together on a regular basis. Use the Group Search tool to find a group that interests you in a convenient area of town. For the most part, you'll find two types of Life Groups.


Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Life Groups are based around a book or bible study. Groups meet together for fellowship and discussion. The topics start up each semester so there is always an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.


Affinity Groups


Affinity Groups or common interest groups are based around an activity or interest. These groups meet regularly to build friendships and do something together whether its running, sewing, sports, or another activity.

Step 1: Group Search

Use the Group Search tool to find a group.

Step 2: Select A Group

Find a group that interests you and is convenient for your location.

Step 3: Sign Up

Register or email the group leader to become a part of the group.


Lead a Life Group!

Interested in becoming a Life Group leader? What a great opportunity to serve in the Body of Christ! We are always looking for friendly and motivated people who feel called to open up their lives to others and help build up God's people. Apply Here!


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